Caring for your Cast Net
  1. Prior to using your net, let it soak overnight in a solution of freshwater and fabric softener. This will help soften and lubricate the monofilament netting & braille lines, as well as relax the netting from tight packaging.
  2. Inspect your net before every use
  3. Rinse your net after use with fresh water and hang until the lead line is dry.
  4. Do NOT use bleach, soap or any other cleaning chemicals to wash your net.
  5. NEVER hang your net with the lead line off ground as this will tighten the knots
  6. Make sure to store your net in a cool, dry place and don't expose it to the sun for extended periods because sunlight can be harmful to the monofilament
  7. Please remember that using your net around reefs, rocks and other environments where there are submerged objects will lessen the life span of your cast net. Try to avoid  these areas where possible.

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